The Vacation Scheme: how to make (good) waves and be a success.

So you’ve been offered a Vacation Scheme at a law firm, and you’re thinking ‘what could possibly go wrong?' Well, you’d be surprised by how easy it is to tarnish your reputation. So here’s a selection of key things that you should and should not do during your time at the firm, to en-‘shore’ you make … Continue reading The Vacation Scheme: how to make (good) waves and be a success.

My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk 

You are good enough. You are likeable. You are funny. You are genuine. You can't make them give you a job, but you can make them like you. Focus on that. Today you are going to talk to Senior Partners. Pretend they are your other-half's family. Speak with courtesy. Respect. Warmth and humour. They will … Continue reading My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk 

How do I ace an open day?

I have good news, and I have bad news. The bad news is, some of my tips might seem nightmarish. The good news is that these skills are like muscles; the more you flex them, the stronger they get. Soon you'll be a networking bodybuilder and you will be effortlessly excellent at open days. So … Continue reading How do I ace an open day?

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Tell me about a time when you ….

Competencies. When I wrote the LinkedIn post that inspired this blog, I was fairly sure most of the questions I would get would be on commercial awareness. Oh boy, was I wrong! Almost everyone asked me about competencies. So I’m going to write this post as though I was talking to myself 4 years ago, … Continue reading Tell me about a time when you ….