This website is like an extended recipe for a cake.

I inherited this recipe from the graduate recruiters who taught it to me . But it’s not written down, so I’m giving you my interpretation of that original recipe.

wedding-2163629_960_720And like any amateur baker will know, you can follow a recipe to the letter and not come out with an identical cake. Usually it’s something to do with the equipment and technique – but in this recipe, my website, the biggest variable is you. And that is a variable that has a huge impact on the end-result.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise you a Training Contract if you read all of my posts (as much as I would love to do that). And many people will look at these posts and think ‘that’s not how I got my TC!’ or ‘I don’t agree with that!’ And that is totally fine. I’m not claiming to have the only recipe that makes a good cake, I just know I have one.

So, read my posts. Enjoy them. Think about them. And either do what they suggest, or completely disregard them. But either way, at least you will have made a conscious decision on how you are going to approach getting a TC.


And finally, I just want to say that I am conscious of the fact that it regularly sounds as though I am blowing my own trumpet. “Look how great this paragraph is!” *inserts paragraph I wrote.*  The truth is, I only have my own examples available for me to use. And a key differentiator of this site from many others on the same topic, is that it gives tried and tested examples to illustrate points. I think it is twice as difficult to write a successful application if you have never seen one before.


So I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and I wish you all the luck in the world with securing your dream job. But you don’t need it because you got dis.