LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

Grab your application and one of those bingo pens, and let’s see how many clichés you’ve got! If you get all twelve, email me. You should get an award or something. Brexit Britain leaving the EU is an important thing. It is going to influence absolutely everything in the commercial world. But it’s just too … Continue reading LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

I find it really difficult to come to terms with the fact I am a human being rather than an all-powerful robot. It does not sit comfortably with me. I want to be able to perform my best every second of the day, every day. And I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for … Continue reading Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

Why you don’t need to get a Training Contract this year…or next year

There is a ton of pressure on you right now. I see it when we talk at networking events. I read it between the pixels when you message me. It's always just humming away in the background. And we need to talk about it because it's not ok. I'm just going to come out and say … Continue reading Why you don’t need to get a Training Contract this year…or next year

Dealing with Rejection…a deep, meme-ingful chat

“Dear ______________ We regret to inform you that you have not been successful in reaching the next stage of the application process this year.” Rejection. A shattering, confidence-eroding, emotional pain that leaves us feeling miserable and under the impression that our efforts have come to nothing. Our evolutionary, pre-civilized past suggests that rejection forms part … Continue reading Dealing with Rejection…a deep, meme-ingful chat