Commercial Awareness: An Interview With The Experts.

Here is the commercial awareness advice I am tired of hearing: read the Financial Times, research companies, watch the news. It’s not that this is bad advice, it just doesn’t help you see the end goal. It doesn’t show you what being commercially aware actually looks like. Or, how to show off your commercial awareness … Continue reading Commercial Awareness: An Interview With The Experts.

LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

Grab your application and one of those bingo pens, and let’s see how many clichés you’ve got! If you get all twelve, email me. You should get an award or something. Brexit Britain leaving the EU is an important thing. It is going to influence absolutely everything in the commercial world. But it’s just too … Continue reading LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

I find it really difficult to come to terms with the fact I am a human being rather than an all-powerful robot. It does not sit comfortably with me. I want to be able to perform my best every second of the day, every day. And I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for … Continue reading Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

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What’s your career backstory?

You (like any decent protagonist) need to have a backstory. It has to be genuine and interesting. Why? Because you're going to need it to illustrate your motivation for law. You're going to use it in all of your cover letters, and every time someone asks you 'why law?' So it has to be good. … Continue reading What’s your career backstory?

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5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)

Things that don't exist: unicorns, Santa and a free lunch. Things that do exist: stupid questions. I know. Because I've heard them. Stupid questions aren't stupid because the answer is obvious- they're stupid because it's stupid for you to ask them. It is totally fine to admit the limitations of your knowledge. I quite happily … Continue reading 5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)