Jealous much? (Yeah…me too)

As far as universal human emotions go, I think jealousy is one of the most hard done by. It gets a bad rap. People never talk about jealousy in a positive way, and society dictates that we’ve all got to pretend we’re not jealous of anything ever. Well. I’m here to give you a controversial … Continue reading Jealous much? (Yeah…me too)

Commercial Awareness: An Interview With The Experts.

Here is the commercial awareness advice I am tired of hearing: read the Financial Times, research companies, watch the news. It’s not that this is bad advice, it just doesn’t help you see the end goal. It doesn’t show you what being commercially aware actually looks like. Or, how to show off your commercial awareness … Continue reading Commercial Awareness: An Interview With The Experts.

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“But it’s so competitive…” 

So this first post is going to be like that first class back after the long summer holiday. You’re not going to have to do much with your brain, and I’m just going to be impressed you’ve turned up at all. In future posts I’ll include activities (as though my site is an awful textbook). … Continue reading “But it’s so competitive…”