LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

Grab your application and one of those bingo pens, and let’s see how many clichés you’ve got! If you get all twelve, email me. You should get an award or something. Brexit Britain leaving the EU is an important thing. It is going to influence absolutely everything in the commercial world. But it’s just too … Continue reading LET’S PLAY: Application Cliché Bingo!

An introduction to Commercial Awareness

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer accurately sums up in one sentence what Commercial Awareness involves – “Understanding the business benefits and commercial realities from both an organisation’s and the customer’s perspective.” (So in other words, a lot of understanding, and a hell of a lot more perspective). However, a commenter on Legal Cheek offered an equally good definition: Commercial … Continue reading An introduction to Commercial Awareness

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5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)

Things that don't exist: unicorns, Santa and a free lunch. Things that do exist: stupid questions. I know. Because I've heard them. Stupid questions aren't stupid because the answer is obvious- they're stupid because it's stupid for you to ask them. It is totally fine to admit the limitations of your knowledge. I quite happily … Continue reading 5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)

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‘Why law? Why this firm?’

As Shrek said, I am like an onion. I have many different layers. This is how I think about  my motivation. At the very centre of me, there is a tiny bit of onion. It was there long before the rest of the layers were added. This is my first bit of motivation towards my … Continue reading ‘Why law? Why this firm?’

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How to use firm research in your application (like a pro)

You've polished your competencies and your examples are excellent (if you do say so yourself)....but what now? Now you need to link those examples to the fabulous research you have done. But what if you're answering a competency question- surely you don't need firm research here? WRONG. You need to put outstanding research in every … Continue reading How to use firm research in your application (like a pro)