Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

I find it really difficult to come to terms with the fact I am a human being rather than an all-powerful robot. It does not sit comfortably with me. I want to be able to perform my best every second of the day, every day. And I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for … Continue reading Mitigating circumstances: Making up excuses?

Practical help for video interviews

When I was making applications I looked everywhere for practice video interviews. And could I find any? No. So. I've been the change I want to see in the world and created three. They are timed, and include typical video interview style questions. Video #1 and #2 are fairly similar. But I lovingly call #3, … Continue reading Practical help for video interviews

An introduction to Commercial Awareness

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer accurately sums up in one sentence what Commercial Awareness involves – “Understanding the business benefits and commercial realities from both an organisation’s and the customer’s perspective.” (So in other words, a lot of understanding, and a hell of a lot more perspective). However, a commenter on Legal Cheek offered an equally good definition: Commercial … Continue reading An introduction to Commercial Awareness

The best ways to flunk a video interview

Don't make 'eye contact' This sounds stupid, but you need to look at the camera while you speak. It's awkward and uncomfortable and distracting...but you need to do it. That way when the grad. recruiters watch it, it looks as though you are looking at them, rather than the corners of the room. It's also … Continue reading The best ways to flunk a video interview

My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk 

You are good enough. You are likeable. You are funny. You are genuine. You can't make them give you a job, but you can make them like you. Focus on that. Today you are going to talk to Senior Partners. Pretend they are your other-half's family. Speak with courtesy. Respect. Warmth and humour. They will … Continue reading My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk