The best ways to flunk a video interview

Don't make 'eye contact' This sounds stupid, but you need to look at the camera while you speak. It's awkward and uncomfortable and distracting...but you need to do it. That way when the grad. recruiters watch it, it looks as though you are looking at them, rather than the corners of the room. It's also … Continue reading The best ways to flunk a video interview

My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk 

You are good enough. You are likeable. You are funny. You are genuine. You can't make them give you a job, but you can make them like you. Focus on that. Today you are going to talk to Senior Partners. Pretend they are your other-half's family. Speak with courtesy. Respect. Warmth and humour. They will … Continue reading My pre-interview bathroom pep-talk 

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What’s your career backstory?

You (like any decent protagonist) need to have a backstory. It has to be genuine and interesting. Why? Because you're going to need it to illustrate your motivation for law. You're going to use it in all of your cover letters, and every time someone asks you 'why law?' So it has to be good. … Continue reading What’s your career backstory?

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5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)

Things that don't exist: unicorns, Santa and a free lunch. Things that do exist: stupid questions. I know. Because I've heard them. Stupid questions aren't stupid because the answer is obvious- they're stupid because it's stupid for you to ask them. It is totally fine to admit the limitations of your knowledge. I quite happily … Continue reading 5 stupid questions (and 5 good ones)

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The best way to prepare for competency interviews

If you thought one long post on competencies was enough – well, you were sorely mistaken. This post is all about how to use your competencies in an interview (video or otherwise). The key thing to aim for is flexibility. You want to go into an interview, and know you have numerous great examples to … Continue reading The best way to prepare for competency interviews