Practical help for video interviews

When I was making applications I looked everywhere for practice video interviews. And could I find any? No. So. I’ve been the change I want to see in the world and created three. They are timed, and include typical video interview style questions.

Video #1 and #2 are fairly similar. But I lovingly call #3, ‘video interview from hell.’ It’s pretty much all the worst questions I could think of that could possibly come up in a video interview.

Are the questions in these videos guaranteed to come up in your real interview? No. But they will help you practise thinking on your feet, and answering questions under timed conditions. I strongly encourage you to video yourself. It may be the most cringe-worthy thing you’ve done since your teenaged years, but it’ll help you critically analyse your body language and tone. And that’s really the only way to improve.

So, good luck! I hope you find these helpful.


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